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The Biggest Blanket Company

The Biggest Blanket Company was born in 1993.

We are happy things have worked out and delighted to still be working with beautiful yarns, colours, textures and patterns.

Recently we moved to the top floor at Chelsea Reach 79 - 89 Lots Road London SW10 0RN where we have our showroom mainly dedicated to trade accounts and designers.

We have added and refined over the years we still have not only the best cashmere anywhere but amazing merino and alpaca fantastic lambswool and our mohair is in the first quality in a huge selection of to dye for colours !

We are mostly trained professional designers so look and feel are second nature and of paramount importance is the look for the time - I hate to say 'fashion' but it is the right feel 'look' that is so important. It's got to be right for the project and the project wants now not yesterday. But tempered with style, elegance and wit.